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Daily Announcements, Tuesday, April 9, Day 2

This week's character dare is: 1 Thing 

Ask a friend, “What is 1 thing I could do to be better in our friendship?” Thank them for their feedback and do something to show them you listened.

GSA will meet today, after school in O608. Join us to eat snacks, craft and build an inclusive community. All are welcome!

Author's Circle will meet in the library after school today. If you have not turned in a permission slip, bring it with or get one at the meeting.

April is Arab Heritage month. Did you know that Iraqis discovered math? The Sumerians that lived in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) invented the first numerical system.  Iraq is also home to the world's oldest civilization. In Arabic, the word "Iraq" means "deep rooted, well-watered fertile". The world's oldest writing came into existence in Iraq. The Cuneiform script came into the world in southern Mesopotamia, in what is now Iraq, 3400 BC. It was originally developed to record the language of the Sumerians and appeared even earlier than Egyptian hieroglyphics.