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CRHS engineering students showcase automated assembly line projects

Computer set up on automated assembly line created by CRHS students (03/07/2024) Students enrolled in Scott Storrick’s Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) class at Coon Rapids High School - Center for Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (CRHS) hosted a project showcase on March 4 to present their automated assembly lines. 

Students created a short presentation outlining their projects for family, friends and community members before showing off their assembly lines to conclude the evening. The project included creating, designing, building and programming a working assembly line. Students were engaged in problem-solving throughout the project — some even in the hours leading up to the showcase event — to bring their ideas to life. View photos from the showcase event.

The projects included a milkshake assembly line, which used a robot to add ingredients and move the cup along the assembly line process. Another group created an automated, hands-free, peanut shell cracking assembly line. A third group created an assembly line to pour and mix a powdered drink, such as a Kool-Aid packet into a cup of water and the final project featured a salad-making assembly line.

See each of the projects in action: