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Reading Corps tutor

Make an impact on Mississippi Elementary as a tutor with Reading Corps!


Want to help children succeed in school? You can serve as a tutor with Reading Corps at Mississippi Elementary!


As a Reading Corps Tutor, you’ll use research-proven strategies to help Mississippi Elementary students gain the reading or math skills they need to thrive in school and in life.


Tutors come from many backgrounds and include recent high school and college grads, career changers, stay-at-home parents, and retirees. With extensive training, support from onsite coaches, and evidence-based strategies, Reading Corps and Math Corps tutors are well-equipped to change lives.  Additionally, Reading Corps and Math Corps tutors may earn a living allowance, education award, and federal student loan forbearance for their service.


Last year, Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps provided direct services to more than 30,000 children in more than 700 sites across the state. To learn how you can make a difference, visit


Questions? Contact or 866-859-2825