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Chris Archer and Tommy Watkins of the Minnesota Twins visit Monroe Elementary

Minnesota Twins pitcher Chris Archer talking with students at Monroe Elementary in the media center(04/27/2022) A fifth-grade class at Monroe Elementary School: Mathematics, Science and Children’s Engineering received a visit from special guests on April 26. Minnesota Twins pitcher Chris Archer and third base coach Tommy Watkins visited students to talk about literacy and the importance of reading. View photos from the visit

Archer, in his first season with the Twins, shared with students why he thinks reading is important and how he himself uses reading to exercise his brain in between starts in the major leagues. He shared with students that he was encouraged by a mentor to read one book per month and he followed through with that task because he believes reading and taking education seriously helps you learn how to communicate and express yourself and will take you a long way in life.


Students came to the meeting prepared with questions for Archer and Watkins. And to Archer’s surprise, he didn’t hear one question about money, or cars, or jewelry. Students in Thetis White’s fifth-grade class peppered him with questions about his childhood interests, how much work it takes to become and be a professional athlete, and who inspired him along the way, to name a few. 

Archer shared some inspiring words for students about making good choices and getting good grades and always improve. Strive for perfection, but be ok with having good results.