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2022-23 Above & Beyond Awards recipient: Dominic Krebsbach

Dominic Krebsbach headshotMr. K sees such potential in his students, which allows him to really get results. He pushes the boundaries and shows such enthusiasm for a job well done. He encourages my child to reach for a goal, and then through guidance from both us as parents and Mr. K, helps my child attain these goals.” - Shannon Hessburg, parent/guardian.

Dominic Krebsbach, a fourth grade teacher at Monroe Elementary School - Mathematics, Science and Children’s Engineering, has been recognized as a 2022-23 Above & Beyond Awards recipient. A passionate sports fan, Krebsbach has been able to connect with students in the classroom and beyond - through sports. 

“I love getting involved with sports in children’s lives,” Krebsbach said. “I am a high school referee for soccer and basketball - and at recess, I officiate soccer or football games every day. I go to as many games of current and former students as I can. The power of co-curricular activities and confidence in the classroom is key to motivating students.”

Having taught at Monroe for 14 years, Krebsbach has made connections with a lot of families and students. Whether by reffing games during recess or showing up to sporting events in the community, students who may not have been in his classroom feel a connection to “Mr. K.” He relates success on the field to success in the classroom, using sports to help students strive to be leaders. 

“I want every student to know that I love being here and that I have the best job in the world,” Krebsbach said. “Making students feel welcome and loved is the key to any successful school year. I want students to know that I care about them and their happiness before we ever address academics.”

Krebsbach uses his life experiences to help enhance his teaching. After a long day of teaching and reffing, he is rarely home before 9 p.m. He shares with students about responsibility and working hard and that being busy is not an excuse to not read or get your work done. 

“Prioritizing learning and being active are keys to being a captain in life,” Krebsbach said.

The 2023 Above & Beyond Awards ceremony  to honor Krebsbach and 12 other exceptional employees took place March 29 at the Educational Service Center (ESC).