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Parent Engage 360 Podcast Episode 33: Supporting the whole student

Parent Engage 360 Podcast logo(06/20/2023) Anoka-Hennepin Schools provide structures of support for students to attain the skills and knowledge to succeed. Systems are in place to support students in all areas of academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs. 

In the latest episode of the Parent Engage 360 Podcast, host Liz Burgard was joined by Angela Ronay, school social worker at Champlin Park High School, and Julia Corneil-Smith, school counselor at Coon Rapids High School, to learn more about the student support model used in Anoka-Hennepin, and the number of ways students can seek support in their school buildings. 

Learn more about the districtwide Student Support Model.

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The Parent Engage 360 Podcast aims to provide parents and guardians with knowledge from experts in chemical health, mental health, internet safety and more, as well as the tools needed to support their children. Anoka-Hennepin hopes that providing timely and helpful information through the Parent Engage 360 podcast series will strengthen the bond between school and home with resources parents and guardians can use and share with others.