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2019-2020 Wilson Homework Policy

Wilson Homework Policy


  • At Wilson, we believe in students being able to participate in other interests and passions outside of school.


  • At Wilson, we believe in the research that shows there is little to no evidence that formal homework supports academic gains at the elementary level.


  • At Wilson, we believe in not adding unneeded stress to students or families outside of school. 


  • At Wilson, we believe there is a variety of activities parents/caregivers can do with their children outside of school.

Starting the 2019-20 school year, Wilson will no longer have formal homework. This means that teachers will not give homework, including reading minute calendars, that have a due date. Research does not support giving formal homework at the elementary level. We know that students spend 5.5 hours daily on academics at school. Homework for some can cause unneeded stress, with tears and frustration. We believe in communicating activities or optional ideas that can be done outside of school that are stress-free and have a positive impact on your child. 


Some ideas may include; family board games, card games, apps, playing outside, creating games, art, research on a topic of choice, keeping track of books read and discussing it with family members, going to the park, creative writing, going to the grocery store and helping with money, reading with your child, optional homework and many more. 


Please reach out to your classroom teacher if you would like more ideas about how you can support your child at home. 

Chris Forrest

Principal, Wilson Elementary