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Positive leadership on display with the return of the WEB program at AMSA Fred Moore campus

student dancing with students cheering in the background(10/18/2023) After a seven year hiatus, the Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) program at Anoka Middle School for the Arts (AMSA) has returned to build upon a positive school culture. Unique from other schools in the district due to split campuses, the eighth-grade WEB leaders are mentoring seventh-grade students at the Fred Moore campus.

“We brought WEB back to have some leadership opportunities in the building and mentor seventh graders,” said Christine Godzala, an administrative professional at AMSA and one of three WEB advisors. “The WEB students jumped at the chance to be leaders.”

Despite being a split campus, the AMSA Fred Moore campus still has nearly 1,100 students. Around 50 students signed up to be WEB leaders this year and have made an immediate impact.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase student leaders,” said Erin Gandrud, social studies teacher and WEB advisor. “The school culture has really improved in the weeks since we’ve started this program.”

The WEB students attend a training in August and then host a WEB Day (coordinated by the third WEB advisor, Logan McLean) for seventh graders before the start of the school year to help build what the program is at AMSA and elevate their experience as mature leaders in the building.

“I think the goal is to make this school be more positive and have good leaders for the kids that need help,” said Riley Podany, a WEB leader. “I think this group of 50 will stand out from the rest of our grade and set a good example.”

“I want to help this school go in a positive direction,” said Qumman Hashi, a WEB leader. “I think this will help us have better leadership skills so that we can lead more in high school and have leadership skills throughout our life.” 

In addition to WEB Day and being available daily to the students in need, the WEB leaders help promote spirit days and other activities at the school. The students have also joined special education students in the building for a dance party every Friday morning. View photos from the Oct. 13 dance party

“This is a very positive event,” said Cooper Boylan, a WEB leader. “I like seeing the kids happy and the positiveness makes the whole day better.”