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Anoka Middle School for the Arts named Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence

School of Excellence logo(01/30/2024) Anoka Middle School for the Arts (AMSA) has been named a 2024 Magnet Schools of America (MSA) Merit School of Excellence.

MSA national merit awards are given to magnet schools that demonstrate a commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation and diversity efforts, and strong parent and community involvement. To be considered for a merit award, member schools must submit an application scored by a panel of educators.

MSA is a nonprofit organization that supports and assists magnet schools nationwide and represents approximately 4,300 magnet and theme-based schools nationwide.

AMSA offers a learning environment that emphasizes the integration of core academics with the arts. In addition to rigorous core classes, the arts curriculum provides students the opportunity to explore the following art courses in depth through advancing levels: Ceramics, Drawing, Fabric Arts, Painting, Band, Choir, Dance, Music Composition, Orchestra, Theater, Digital Productions, and Creative Writing.

AMSA students work with professional guest artists, visit live performances, participate in educational field trips, and engage in public showcases (certain art classes). These experiences create collaborative and creative environments, build student confidence, and engage them in learning.

Learn more about the AMSA magnet program.