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Reminder: prepare now for a smooth transition to online back-to-school forms

(06/06/2019) Parents/guardians, back-to-school forms will be filled out online later this summer. Even though that seems far away, there’s steps you should take now to prepare for a smooth transition.

The first step for parents/guardians is to engage with the My Student Information program. You can validate your parent/guardian account today by logging into A-HConnect and selecting the “My Student Information” icon from a desktop computer or tablet.

Unsure what A-HConnect is? A-HConnect is accessible via the lock and key icon on district and school websites. If you’re unfamiliar with your credentials for this system, reminder emails were sent early-March. You can also call 763-506-HELP for assistance.

My Student Information holds a variety of student information, including attendance as well as progress reports and grades at the middle and high school levels.

Call 763-506-HELP for technology assistance, username or password retrieval, or other program questions.