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District offers students a wide array of credit recovery options

Anoka-Hennepin logo (11/13/19) Sometimes things happen in the lives of students that cause them to fail a class. And when that happens, Anoka-Hennepin has a wide range of options for students to recover those credits so they can graduate on time and earn their diploma.

From summer school to after-school, online learning to weekly night classes, Anoka-Hennepin’s high school students can usually find a credit recovery option that meets their needs. 

“Students today — they have a lot of responsibilities. So when they need to recover credits, we have a variety of different options that fit what their lives demand,” said Nancy Chave, principal of Anoka-Hennepin Regional and Technical high schools, and director of the district’s credit recovery programs. “In my opinion, (Anoka-Hennepin) offers the most diverse opportunities and ways for students to recover credits.”

And coming this March, during Anoka-Hennepin’s spring break, a fourth option for credit recovery is going to be tested, which Chave said was developed by the district’s night school administrator, Megan Hendix.

“It’s going to be an intense, three-day credit recovery session for students during spring break,” she said. “It gives seniors another option and more flexibility, especially if they’re anxious about not having enough time during the summer to recover their credits.”

In all cases, Chave said, when taking advantage of a credit recovery option, students must accrue at least 12 hours of classroom time with a teacher before being able to test out of the remaining hours of credit recovery. Those tests are taken in school, with a teacher, and meet all Minnesota Department of Education standards.

“Sometimes all a student needs is a brush-up,” Chave said.

Anoka-Hennepin’s credit recovery options are available to all students in every high school setting, and students that may need to take advantage of credit recovery are encouraged to speak with their school counselor.

“We’re able to offer a lot, I think, and we’re making a difference,” Chave said.