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COVID-19 Health data trending higher; no change in learning models this week; plan for possible middle school and high school transition week of Oct. 26

(10/14/2020) As COVID-19 case counts have been increasing in both Anoka and Hennepin counties, the district is starting to get questions about a potential shift in our middle and high school learning model. The district has been in direct communication with county health officials and the Minnesota Department of Education in preparation for the next decision point.  

Based on these conversations, school districts are encouraged to continue monitoring health data for at least another week before making any decisions. The decision being considered is a transition for middle and high school students to distance learning. There is no plan to consider a learning model change for elementary schools.

County level public health data is one information source that is considered regarding the learning models for schools. Information such as concentrations of COVID-19 positive cases in certain areas, ability to provide adequate staffing and projected trends are also considered prior to making a decision for elementary, middle and high schools.   

Given the uncertainty of county level COVID-19 cases, families of middle and high school students should be prepared for an upcoming transition. Once the district makes a decision, staff and families will be alerted using the district’s communications protocols.  

The “FlexED” learning model in place at middle and high schools is designed for moving between hybrid and distance learning models so there should be minimal interruption in learning. 

Please consult the Return to School website at for additional information.