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‘Riddle of the day’ engagement project catches on with students at Anoka Middle School for the Arts

(11/20/2020) Just before the transition to distance learning Nov. 4 at Anoka Middle School for the Arts (AMSA), assistant principal John Peña had created an exciting student engagement opportunity that sparked the John Peña sharing the Riddle of the Day with AMSA students interest of many throughout the building.

So much that students who had opted into distance learning for the trimester caught wind and wanted in on the action. Peña started a “Riddle of the Day” project in which he would share a riddle with students and ask them to solve it throughout the school day.

“I had them solving riddles and looking for me throughout the building during passing time,” Peña said. “The kids were having so much fun!”

With distance learning for all middle school students now, Peña decided to take the fun virtual.

Peña has now created videos that students engage with during their homeroom class and email in their responses.

“The best thing about this was seeing the students so engaged,” Peña said. “I received over 100 email responses on the first day. I am looking forward to more students trying to solve riddles in the future, and our staff has also got involved — it’s fun all around.”