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Middle school students learn about cars and teamwork at the Nitro-X Camp

Nitro-X camper working on a RC truck(06/20/2022) A group of district teachers, led by Theron Busse from Anoka-Hennepin Secondary Technical Education Program (STEP), hosted a Nitro-X Camp for middle school students June 13-16 at the Anoka-Hennepin Technical College and STEP locations. 

During the four-day camp students modified, tested and tuned remote control electric trucks and gained exposure to transportation careers by touring local businesses. The final day was race day to highlight the trucks the students built and the new knowledge they gained. View photos from race day.

“I had a great time and I learned a lot about RC cars and car stuff,” said Charlie Graff, an eighth grade camper who won the race day competition. “It was exciting, but I didn’t expect to win or anything. It was fun.”

Campers developed new technical skills while having fun, making new friends and working in teams.

“We see a lot of friendships being made,” Busse said. “We see them start out the week, maybe driving erratically, crashing it, but by the end of the week you can see they’ve got control, for the most part, and we see them progress.”