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Providing accurate information regarding contract negotiations

Conversation icon(11/17/2023) The Anoka-Hennepin School District appreciates the important role that teachers serve in supporting students both during the school day and as part of extracurricular activities and events. Media reports have shared that teachers at some school sites are participating in a work to rule approach called “Walkout Wednesday” during the pending contract negotiations. 

What that means: At the end of the work day each Wednesday during the school week, some teachers are gathering together and walking out of the building in unison at the end of their contracted 7 hour and 40 minute duty day. Teachers continue to report to work as expected and the school day operates as usual. 

Go deeper: The School Board is actively engaged in negotiations with Anoka-Hennepin Education Minnesota regarding updated terms and conditions for the contract and is committed to working in collaboration with teachers through the negotiation process. It is the goal to improve terms and conditions for all employees while working within tight budget parameters that maintain financial and operational stability for the district.