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Bid now: Student-built pergola swings up for auction

Pergola swing(12/14/2023) Students at Blaine High School have built pergola swings that are open for bidding. The sale of these student-built items covers the cost of materials and supports future hands-on learning opportunities.

Three student-built pergola swings:

  • Made out of brown treated lumber and fastened with exterior deck screws.
  • Swing base is 8 feet wide by 3 feet deep.
  • The swing chair can hold up to 3 adults.
  • Chain for the swing is not included (10 foot chain will be needed).
  • Bidding starts at $1,000 (includes base and chair assembly).
  • Auction ends Jan. 3.
  • Pergola swing #1 auction.
  • Pergola swing #2 auction.
  • Pergola swing #3 auction.

Additional student-build items currently up for auction: