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North Metro TV visited the Blaine High School athletic stadium

Blaine turf(09/10/2021) Blaine High School - During the summer contstruction of the new synthetic turf at Blaine Stadium, North Metro TV visited the Center for Engineering, Mathematics and Science (BHS) to show the progress of the instalation. 

NMTV also spoke with Blaine High School Activities Director, Shannon Gerrety, about expanding the opportunities for more student-athletes to get on the field at the stadium.

“In the past, we really had to limit the amount of games we could play on it because the grass would get ripped up, so we really limited this to varsity sports,” said Gerrety. "We’re going to use the heck out of this because we want every kid to experience playing, practicing, being in this great venue of our, Blaine Stadium.”

View the video story from North Metro TV.