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Prom, 4-25-2020

Earle Browne Heritage Center
600-1100 No admittance after 9:30
Tickets $50.00 (CASH ONLY) includes dinner

Tickets go on sale April 15-21-I will sell these before and after school and during lunches NOT during class time.
Fines and fees must be paid in advance of purchasing a prom ticket.  Rhonda Van Tuyl, House II or Cari Niesen, Activities office will be working with students to clear up any outstanding obligations. Everyone will need to present a clearance slip to me in order to purchase a ticket.
Guest forms will be located in the house offices and main office.  Guests must be no older than 20 years of age.  Guest forms must be submitted at the time of ticket purchase, I will not accept them at the door.  
The last day of ticket sales is the 21st.  No exceptions.
If you are interested in chaperoning prom this year and you are a district employee, you will make $40.00 for the evening and a free dinner.
I need chaperones for two-time slots:
Please let me know if you are interested.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Here is a prom dress resource for any student who may need some help getting a dress