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CPHS student Janae Rupert selected to serve on the Minnesota Youth Council

Janae Rupert(06/06/2024) Champlin Park High School freshman Janae Rupert was selected to serve on the Minnesota Youth Council (MYC). Each year, 36 young people serve as Youth Representatives in the MYC, representing each of Minnesota’s eight congressional districts. 

The MYC is a collaboration of youth and adults working together to empower and mobilize young people across the state to exercise their voices, opinions and ideas and take action on issues affecting youth. 

The Minnesota Legislature formally recognized the work of MYC in 2013, passing into law the MYC Committee Bill, which established the group as an official legislative committee, creating a system for youth to provide advice and recommendations to the legislature and the governor.

During the first half of the year, youth representatives act as an advisor committee to the Minnesota Department of Education, advising staff on issues impacting youth in education, striving to advance equity and personalized and holistic education for all young people in Minnesota. Members also work with elected officials and advocate for legislation and policy platforms that support equity and young people.

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