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Parent Attitude and Satisfaction Survey available online until June 16

(05/12/2023) The input of parents and guardians is valuable in helping improve the district’s service to students and families. Parents and guardians of students in Anoka-Hennepin have the opportunity to provide opinions on the schools their children attend in the annual Parent Attitude and Satisfaction Survey. To gather this information, the district is administering a brief 5-to-10-minute survey online between May 15 and June 16. All answers to survey questions will remain confidential.

How to provide feedback

A letter with a login code was sent to families through U.S. mail on May 12. If families did not receive a copy, please call Jeanne Sorsen at 763-506-1116 for the code.
If families are unable to complete this survey online, a paper copy may be requested by calling their child’s school. Paper surveys are available in English, Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Hmong, Oromo, and Vietnamese. Families will receive the survey and an envelope in which to seal the completed survey so the answers remain private. Paper surveys must also be completed and returned to the child’s school by June 16.

Please complete a survey for each school where families have children enrolled. Listed below are the survey links by level. If families have two children in the same school, base responses on the oldest child. Survey results will be summarized for each school and for the district as a whole. Schools will use the results in school improvement planning.

Random phone surveys

In addition to providing an opportunity to participate in the online survey, district staff will also be conducting a phone survey of randomly selected families. The phone survey is also brief, generally taking five to 10 minutes. All phone responses are also confidential. Families are encouraged to participate in the phone survey if contacted, in addition to completing the online survey.