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Device Protection Plan available to students assigned Chromebooks

(07/28/2022) Technology plays an important role in preparing students for life, and Chromebooks are utilized as a daily learning tool in Anoka-Hennepin middle and high school classrooms. Anoka-Hennepin students in grades 6-12 are assigned a Chromebook from the school district to ensure access to technology systems that support classroom learning. 

Over 28,000 Chromebooks will be distributed to students the first week of school. As careful as students and schools are, accidents do happen each year - and hundreds of Chromebooks are returned at the end of the school year with damages. 

New this year, families have the option to enroll in the Device Protection Plan. 

The Technology Protection Plan is optional; it is not required, however, by electing not to participate in the Protection Plan, families may be required to reimburse the school district for the replacement or repair of damaged Chromebooks assigned to their student/s. Damaged or broken screens may cost between $100 to $190 depending on parts needed; or the replacement cost for the entire device could be up to $410.

Families can opt-in to the Device Protection Plan:

Details about the plan:

  • The plan cost is $20 per student or $60 per family per school year. 
  • If the student qualifies for reduced priced meals, the cost of the Protection Plan will be reduced to $10 ($30 for families). 
  • If the student qualifies for free school meals, the cost of the Protection Plan will be reduced to $0.
  • Repairs with the Protection Plan are subject to a $15 deductible.
  • Deadline to enroll is Oct. 31, or up to 30 days after a new student receives their Chromebook.

View the Device Protection Plan flyer to learn more. (PDF)
Enroll in the device protection plan using SchoolPay.