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Districtwide track and field meet draws more than 500 middle school athletes

Girls running track event(5/22/24) On Wednesday, the sprawling grounds of Coon Rapids High School played host to one of the most anticipated events on the middle school sports calendar: the districtwide track and field meet. With more than 540 students from all six middle schools converging, the air was charged with excitement as young athletes geared up to showcase their skills on the track and in field events.

Coordinated by Anoka-Hennepin Community Education, the event brought together students, staff, and volunteers from across the district. Track events formed the core of the competition, with sprinters, distance runners, hurdlers, and relay teams taking to the track in a display of speed, agility, and determination. From the explosive starts of the 100-meter dash to the endurance tests of the 1600-meter run, each race was a showcase of talent and tenacity.

Spectators watching track eventHowever, it wasn't just about running. The field events added an extra dimension to the meet, with athletes testing their skills in disciplines like the long jump and shot put. 

What truly made the event special was the collective effort of the community. A dedicated team of staff and volunteers worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the event ran smoothly. In addition, parents and other family members turned out in large numbers to cheer on their students and schools.

Middle school track and field is a popular spring sport among students. For many, it represents more than just competition. It’s also an opportunity to forge friendships, test their limits, and celebrate their achievements.Top of Form

See photos from the event.