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Districtwide robotics challenge performances begin Each middle school sent robotics teams to the district "Robotics Challenge," at Oak View Middle School, Sat., Apr. 8. Teams brought their robots, which they have been building and designing since January. Students were expected to construct and program a robot that could navigate itself within a playing field filled with obstacles and attempt to complete tasks throughout the day. Teams are allowed to refine their work as needed to continue competing in challenges.

Teams were judged on categories including teamwork, performance, structure, and math, science and engineering skills applied to the design and construction of each robot. Coordinator, Nancy Knop, said the districtwide challenge has been coordinated by community education and middle school science and math teachers for over sixteen years.
Teamwork Award
1. Roosevelt Middle School – Technically TerrifiedGreen team sets robot up to compete in performance
2. Oak View Middle School – Master Builders

Design and Engineering Award
1. Coon Rapids Middle School - Lightning Sharks
2. Jackson Middle School - Insert Name Here

Performance Award

1. Northdale Middle School - Unique
2. Coon Rapids Middle School - Lightning Sharks
3. Jackson Middle School - Insert Name Here

Programming Award
1. Oak View Middle School – Master Builders
2. Coon Rapids Middle School - Cardinals

Head to Head Challenge Award
1. Northdale Middle School – CalvaryAdvisor helps yellow team revise robot design
2. Roosevelt Middle School – Lego Action Figures

Judges Awards
Anoka Middle School – Lego Action Figures:
“This team decided to rebuild their robot one week before the tournament," judges said. "This new design was very mechanically stable, but they lacked the time to create multiple programs for the competition. They had many program ideas that the judges felt would be highly effective if they had more time.”

Northdale Middle School – Unique
“This amazing team of two overcame many obstacles due to their limited team size. They impressed the judges with how a first-year team member worked so very well with a seasoned third-year veteran," judges said. "[It was] a great mentor experience. The new team member even finished the day by doing a head-to-head performance by himself!”Blue team build and test robot
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