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Fall field trips and activities are right around the corner; don't miss this step if you want to get involved!

Field trip volunteer Anoka-Hennepin Schools are grateful that each year, more than 11,200 dedicated volunteers contribute thousands of hours of their time, energy and talents to support our schools, students and staff.

Whether you want to join your child's class on a school field trip, help out at a class party or have some extra time to help students at your child's school with reading or math - every Anoka-Hennepin Schools volunteer must complete a volunteer application at the school they wish to volunteer at. It's quick and easy!

Volunteers may contact the school district volunteer services office to be assigned to a school with specific needs, or they may volunteer at a school of their choice. Visit to find the volunteer application form for your child's school - or to be placed at a school with specific needs.

School volunteer Specialized volunteer opportunities

Anoka-Hennepin Schools also coordinates three unique volunteer opportunities to strategically provide students and teachers with the support that they need the most in their classroom:

  • K-Skillbuilders
  • Challenge Reading
  • Math Plus
These volunteer opportunities were created collaboratively between the Parent Involvement and school district curriculum team to ensure that the efforts align with the work we are doing in the classroom. The benefit is that the trained volunteers will be able to respond to students’ individual needs as requested by their teacher.
Volunteers serving these specialized opportunities must attend a two-hour training session. Training sessions are held at the Educational Service Center in Anoka and already scheduled for this year. Volunteer dad View the schedule and learn more.