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NEW - Community Education offers a new registration system for all programs.

New community education registration system (8/20/20)Anoka-Hennepin Community Education is excited to offer participants a new online registration system! You can now register for all community education programs, in one spot. The system provides participants with a family account; meaning you can register for enrichment classes for youth and adults, preschool, child care, and/or swimming lessons - and pay for everything in one place.


The new registration system is user-friendly, and everything you need is available in one convenient location. Registration for fall programs will be open soon:

Browse all current class and activity offerings.

Creating your new online account

If you are enrolled in Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), Anoka-Hennepin Schools Preschool or Adventures Plus school-age care, you are already using the new registration system and can enroll in any other community education class or activity using the same account.

If you have only participated in adult, elementary or middle school programs through Anoka-Hennepin Community Education, you will need to create a new account.


It’s easy to set up your new account!

  1. Visit:
  2. Select: “Create an account.”
  3. Select: “Create an Account form.” 
    • (All required fields are indicated with an *asterisk.) 
    • Add relationships (spouse, children, grandparents, etc.) to the new account.

Already have an account? Now you can register for all community education classes, activities and programs in the same place!

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select “Manage your relationships.” (Located on the left sidebar of the Welcome screen.)
  3. Select “Add relationship.”
  4. Select how each person is related to you, indicated by, “This person is my...”
  5. Select “Continue.”
  6. Complete the form and select the “Add” button.
  7. Select “Add a relationship” if you need to add another relationship.
    Please note: To ease future registration, it is suggested that all users complete all necessary family relationships, emergency contacts, etc. to facilitate future registration.
  8. As soon as your user account is set up, you may begin registering.