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Putting 'U' in Community Education: ECFE Families

class under glass(10/5/22) Community Education provides lifelong learning for all. That’s why we'll be sharing stories of the different ways people interact with Community Ed. Whether it be as an adult learner, a middle school student, a preschooler, an employee, a volunteer, or a parent. We want YOU to understand how Community Education is having an impact on your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. We want YOU to see yourself in our community…and in the stories we tell.

Early Childhood Families

Early childhood education offers classes, events, playtime and other opportunities designed to give families information, ideas, and skills to support their child’s growth and development from birth to third grade. A favorite class is Riverview Early Childhood Center’s Class Under Glass. Families who attend the class say that it gives their children time to learn and explore in a unique outdoor setting.

Parent educator Penny Walsh says children experience traditional learning with the added benefits of everything that nature brings.

“They’re learning small and large motor development, mathematics, and language and literacy development out here,” said Walsh. “The social emotional piece outside is just as great as it is indoors.”

ECFE is not just for the benefit of the child. Parents meet and interact with each other in each class, which gives them time to discuss important topics and get advice.

In our latest Putting ‘U’ in Community Education video, we introduce you to some of the families, children and staff who are part of our Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program.