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Putting 'U' in Community Education: Mike's Story

Mike Race driving bus(10/13/22) Community Education provides lifelong learning for all. That’s why we'll be sharing stories of all the different ways people interact with Community Ed. Whether it be as an adult learner, a middle school student, a preschooler, an employee, a volunteer, or a parent. We want YOU to see yourself in our community…and in the stories we tell.

Mike’s Story

Community School Coordinator, Mike Race saw a way he could help and jumped on board… the bus that is. Race got a bus license over the summer so that this fall he could cover some of the after-school routes for Community Education middle school athletic programs.

Mike’s real job, along with five other middle school coordinators, is to set up enrichment activities, along with games, practices, matches, as well as book refs and order buses. But after all competitions had to be cancelled in the fall of 2021 due to a shortage of bus drivers, Race stepped up to help drive, in addition to his regular position.

In our latest Putting ‘U’ in Community Education video, you’ll ride along with Mike as he shares his story.