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Volunteer engagement grows in Anoka-Hennepin Schools

Volunteer(7/2/24) Volunteers in the Anoka-Hennepin School District have once again proven their invaluable dedication and commitment to the community, as highlighted in a recent year-end report. Throughout the academic year, 9,276 individuals generously contributed their time and talents, collectively amassing an impressive total of 172,969 volunteer hours. This substantial effort spans across 37 volunteer sites within the district, each contributing significantly to the educational and extracurricular enrichment of students.

The impact of these volunteer hours extends far beyond mere numbers, as they carry a symbolic value of approximately $5,792,732. This valuation, calculated using the per hour dollar value established by the Independent Sector’s "Giving and Volunteering in the United States," underscores the immense economic benefit derived from the selfless contributions of Anoka-Hennepin’s volunteers.

This past year has seen a notable increase of approximately 32,000 volunteer hours compared to the previous year, reflecting a growing spirit of community engagement and support within the district.

Volunteers in Anoka-Hennepin Schools dedicate their time in various capacities, from classroom assistance to mentorship, event coordination, chaperoning and beyond. The impact of volunteers goes beyond immediate benefits, fostering connections between schools, families, and the community. Volunteer programs are coordinated by Anoka-Hennepin Community Education.