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Brookside levels up engagement while educating

(09/29/2023) On Friday, Sept. 29, Brookside Elementary School conducted the Rock Your School event for the fourth time, which has provided the staff the opportunity to build on the event each year. This time around, staff really embraced the idea of continuing to provide high-level instruction while infusing engagement.

For the event, each grade level has a theme. The first grade space was transformed into a carnival and in class the students participated in a popcorn game where they read and wrote sight words. In fifth grade, the students became detectives and had to solve mysteries. They used the theme to start a new unit in science where they had to make specific observations of evidence to solve a case.

View photos from Brookside’s Rock Your School event.

“The teachers have found great ways to take this out-of-the-box thinking and engagement to combine it with what they are already teaching,” said Jim Potthoff, assistant principal at Brookside. “In the past the students have been excited about the decor, but this year they are also excited about the content.”