PTO Minutes 03/19/13

Johnsville Elementary School PTO Minutes
March 19, 2013

Purpose of the Organization: The purpose of the organization will be that of promoting a focus upon educational and/or recreational value to the students and school community of Johnsville School.
OFFICERS: President Carrie Vake
Vice President Staci Anderson
Treasurer Denise Scholljegerdes
Secretary Maren Schultz
STAFF PRESENT: Scott Johnson, Jean King
Attendees: Brandy Doyle, Chris Johnson, Tiffany Cich, Nicolle Ristow, Carrie KrautKramer, Sherry Hamann, Pam Taylor, Carrie Vake, Kari Gislason, and Maren Schultz
Meeting called to order at 6:33p.m.
• Spring pictures on March 19 for every other day kindergarten students, March 20 for rest of the other students.
• Jump rope for heart fundraiser will be in the gym next week- Monday- Thursday.
• April 2 will be Kindergarten registration and round up.
• No school 3/29.
• April 8 2nd grade math MAP testing, 5th grade MCA science testing
• April 15 2nd grade reading MAP testing, April 16- 17 MCA reading testing for grades 3,4, and 5.
• Next Thursday will be the pizza party for Mrs. Busch’s class- winner of the spring fundraiser.
• DI tournament this Saturday at Blaine high school.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Minutes from the November meeting were submitted, reviewed, and passed. Jean King made a motion to accept minutes and Nicole Ristow seconded.
• Heggie’s Pizza fundraiser brought in $11, 374.
• Paid for a few fieldtrips, will have one more assembly this year, and will put lunch with the principal in spring carnival auction.
• United Way donation for $164
• Nicole Ristow made a motion to accept report and Jean King seconded.
• 1st shift of carnival covered, still have 8 games without volunteers on the 2nd shift.
• Clean up volunteers needed and need volunteers for crazy hair on the 2nd shift.
General Mills: Sherry Hamann- $600 coming
Campbell Labels: Kim Keller-
Carnival: Tiffany Cich and Nicolle Ristow – Dice game and twister taken out, hockey shot will be in the last 2 rooms, cash boxes will be filled with small bills (1 will be in the gym, 2 in the classrooms, and one by the crazy hair), if there aren’t enough volunteers will have to start closing down games, need walkie talkies, and Tiffany and Nicole will be wearing bright orange shirts.
Carnival Auction – Carrie Vake – Great baskets this year!
Carnival Kitchen – Carrie Krautkramer- Chili’s will be coming in with 2 employees and will also have slushee’s, will need volunteers at the Cold Stone booth, and all other food will be the same..
Fundraiser: Still need-
Holiday Shop: Stacey Anderson/ Jennifer Argeros-
Johnsville t-shirts: Lisa Babineau- still some t-shirts and sweatshirts left, will maybe sell at the carnival
PTO Facebook page – Brandy Doyle
SAC – Brandy Doyle- Math curriculum being reviewed for the district- staffing, materials, and professional development for teachers. Brandy had a few questions to ask of the group regarding the math curriculum to bring back to SAC.
Science Fair: Kim Keller-
School Directory – Jennifer Argeros- Still on way
Yearbook: Julie Bryant – Still taking pictures in.
Old Business:
New Business:

Meeting adjourned 7:25

Respectfully submitted, Maren Schultz, Secretary