Q: How can I tell if an app is school and age appropriate?

Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


When it comes to downloading apps from the app store, it's sometimes hard to figure out which apps are safe for student use. To find out if an app is school and student appropriate, you can use the following tools below:


1.) App Store Itself - By scrolling to the very bottom of an app's page, you will find the word "Rating" within the "Information" section. This section will give you a brief overview of what the suggested age group is as well as what may be contained within the app.


2.) Common Sense Education - Here you can search for a specific app and then get a very thourough review including Pros, Cons, Purpose, Teacher Ratings, and different ways teachers can use the app.


Note: ALWAYS be sure to research an app before downloading; especially if the app is for student use.


Matthew Dobrzeniecki