AHS Nordic Skiing

Weekly Schedule:

Mesabi Invitational rescheduled for 1.13-1.15.17 due to extreme cold and windchills

 Monday 1-16 Practice at Elm Creek  Bus leaves at 7:30am, back at 10:30am
 Tuesday1-17  Practice at Greenhaven  Bus leaves at 2:55pm  Back at 5:00pm
 Wednesday 1-18      
 Practice at Greenhaven  Bus leaves at 2:55pm  Back at 5:00pm
We will also be taking our individual and team pictures.  Remember                                         your uniform. 
 Thursday 1-19        Skate Meet at Elm Creek 3:30/3:50pm.  MS dismissed at 1:05pm, HS dismissed at 1:20pm.  Return to AHS at 5:30 pm.
 Friday 1-20 No Practice
 Saturday 1-21 Mystery Ski at Cumberland, WI  Bus leaves at 6:30am, back at 3:00pm
Head Coach:  Pete Tremaine Pete.Tremaine@ahschools.us 763-506-6384
Assistant Coaches: Mike Hecker Tim Peters  Ron Rodgers
Description of Activity
Advisor:  Pete Tremaine
Where to locate advisor:  Coaches Office (763-506-6254)
Meeting times and places:  After school, meet in hallway by Field House pop machine.
Length and timing of season:  Early November through Mid-February
Cost:  $280
Equipment required:  Ski boots, racing skis and poles.  Consult with the coach before purchasing.
Description:  Nordic Ski Racing is a varsity sport open to students in grades 7-12.  Skiers compete at both classical and freestyle (skating) formats in individual and relay races.  Beginners are welcome and are guided to develop the technique and conditioning skills that are needed to ski competitively.