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    The six-member Anoka-Hennepin School Board makes policy and oversees the district’s budget, curriculum, personnel and physical facilities. Members are elected by district to four-year terms. View the election area map.

    All board meetings are open to the public, except for those specifically permitted by law to be closed for discussion of identified issues such as negotiation strategy or litigation. Meeting notices and agendas are posted in all district buildings and on the district’s website prior to the meetings. Regular School Board meetings are held at the Sandburg Education Center, located at 1902 Second Ave. in Anoka. School Board work sessions are held at the Educational Service Center located at 2727 N Ferry St. in Anoka.

    Meetings, Agendas, Minutes


    School Board members

      How can the public speak to the School Board?

      • The School Board has a Communications, Delegations and Petitions session at each board meeting where the public can address the board on topics they feel are important.

        The School Board does have a policy concerning public participation in meetings, which community members are encouraged to view.

      Meetings, agendas, minutes

      Contact the School Board

      • The board encourages community members to provide information and concerns directly to the School Board. Community members may communicate through ‘Delegation and Petitions’ at regular School Board meetings or through ‘Contact the School Board’ form via the school district website. 

        The School Board email protocol is intended to serve as a supplement to School Board policy regarding public participation in school board meetings in order to define roles and responsibilities regarding particular types of communication. 

        School Board interests

        • Ensure timely acknowledgement of receipt.

        • Avoid delayed action in case of emergency.

        • Ensure timely response.

        • Provide clarity on who is copied on emails to the school board; what timeframe is reasonable to expect a response; who to contact in case of emergency.

        • Effective use of staff time; effective use of available technology.

        • Adherence to data privacy requirements and open meeting law requirements.

        Anoka-Hennepin Schools uses google forms extensively to coordinate communications throughout the organization. A greeting message on the form and auto-response message will set expectations regarding a timeline for a response and redirect those who need an urgent response to other resources. 

        Contact one or all of the Anoka-Hennepin School Board members using the online contact form. 

      Legislative Platform

      • The mission of Anoka-Hennepin Schools is to effectively educate each student for success. The district serves approximately 38,000 preK-12 students and 248,000 residents living in 13 communities across 172 square miles. Anoka-Hennepin Schools operates 25 elementary schools, six middle schools, and five high schools, plus alternative schools, special education and early learning sites. The student demographic profile includes 43% students of color and 9% English learner students. Additionally, 43% of students qualify for free and/or reduced price services, and 18% of students are receiving special education services.

        View the 2024 Anoka-Hennepin legislative platform brochure.

        Legislative priorities for 2024:

        Anoka-Hennepin Schools is focusing on three strategic priorities and asks for your support in these areas.


        Improve literacy at all grades

        • The district asks the legislature to increase the basic formula allowance by an additional 2% for FY 25.
        • The 2% allocated for FY 25 does not cover the costs associated with implementing the READ Act, inflation and other mandated programs. 


        Improve student engagement, connection and behavior

        • The district asks the legislature to modify school resource officer and school staff language regarding their ability to respond to situations involving students and staff.
        • Our SROs are an integral part of our schools and the relationships built between SROs, staff and students have been invaluable to us.
        • The district asks the legislature to allow flexibility to use school personnel aid to contract mental health therapists needed for student support.
        • The district asks the legislature to change the K-3 discipline statutory language to better ensure student and staff safety.


        Increase employee recruitment and retention

        • The district asks the legislature to support creative strategies to increase the number of licensed teachers in order to meet staffing shortages, including increasing the flexibility in the tiered licensure process.
        • The district asks the legislature to reduce Special Ed paperwork to allow teachers to spend more time directly with students.
        • The district asks the legislature to refrain from passing any additional unfunded mandates to allow for our school board to be in the best position possible to address local needs and challenges.

        In addition, the district asks that the legislature support an increase in the equalization of the operating referendum to help reduce the property tax burden in our community.


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      Action of the School Board

      • Action of the School Board provides brief summaries of Anoka-Hennepin School Board meetings in HTML format and is now available online in a translatable format. To translate Action of the School Board to another language, please click anywhere on the message to open it in a web browser and at the top of the page, select your language from the dropdown menu.

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