• Who we are and what we do

    The department of student support believes that all students should receive a fair and equitable education - they should feel safe, have a sense of empowerment, and a feeling of fairness and equity.

    Department goals

    • To ensure fair and respectful treatment of all Anoka-Hennepin students and families.
    • To review and ensure consistent implementation of equitable policies, procedures related to students and families and practices.
    • To empower students and families with tools and strategies to combat barriers to academic success.
    • To ensure safe schools and positive school climate in which all students can learn.
    • To ensure integrated learning environments in which our students and families have equitable access to participate in and utilize district resources and services.
    • To actively close the achievement gap and improve student achievement.

    Guiding principles

    Each child is unique and need not sacrifice uniqueness nor risk their safety to enjoy their life and learning in our schools. The world of each child contributes to the quality of this place we call "school" and none shall be excluded.


    AHS 3M Visit

     3M Visit, Anoka High School Students


    Student Service Staff

    Department of Student Services

  • Contact

    Student support
    2727 N Ferry St. 
    Anoka, MN 55303
    Phone: 763-506-1076
    Fax: 763-506-7883
    Office hours:
    Monday thru Friday  
    8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Jennifer Cherry

    Dr. Jennifer Cherry
    Director of Student Services
  • Molly Frovik

    Molly Frovik
  • Heidi Antczak

    Heidi Antczak