• School counselors

    A school counselor can help you:

    • With personal problems.
    • Understand personal relationships.
    • Develop positive self-esteem.
    • Learn to recognize and accept individual uniqueness and differences.
    • Cope with family disturbances.
    • In crisis situations.
    • Learn to manage stress.
    • Select appropriate courses.
    • Make the transition from one level of school to the next.
    • With academic concerns.


    A school counselor can teach you:

    • Conflict resolution skills.
    • Decision-making skills.
    • Study skills. 


    A school counselor can also:

    • Provide support groups that allow students to discuss issues of concern.
    • Register and orient new students to school.
    • Assist teachers with student concerns.
    • Assist parents with concerns regarding their children.
    • Make referrals to outside agencies.

    Washington Campus
    Andrea Zinda
    School Counselor - 6th Grade
    Anoka Middle School for the Arts
    Fred Moore Campus
    Katelyn Hendrickson
    School Counselor - 7th Grade
    Anoka Middle School for the Arts
    Fred Moore Campus
    Kyra Pasche
    School Counselor - 8th Grade
    Anoka Middle School for the Arts
    Fred Moore & Washington Campus
    Dawn Spiess
    School Counselor
    Fred Moore and Washington
    Anoka Middle School for the Arts
    763-506-5100 (FM) 763-506-4671 (W)

    How do I request to see my school counselor? 
    E-mail your counselor to request an appointment or ask any teacher or adult in the building to see your counselor.
    Do my conversations with the school counselor remain private?   
    Anything shared remains confidential unless you or someone else is in danger or potential danger.   


    The counselors at Anoka Middle School for the Arts strive to prepare all students for future success.  We support a collaborative learning environment in and through the arts by creating opportunities for students to grow academically, socially, emotionally and in planning for the future.