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  • Distance learning will be starting in Anoka-Hennepin Schools on Monday, March 30, 2020.  Below are general directions for elementary students on how to get started on Monday.

    What will a typical distance learning day look like for students? 

    Elementary students have some flexibility with distance learning days. 

    Teachers will be communicating with families each school day by 9:00 am. They may be using any of the following platforms

    • Google Classroom
    • Seesaw site
    • Email
    • Other as indicated by the classroom teacher

    Your teacher will be sending specific information on which method will be used to post daily instruction and assignments.

    Students with packets of learning materials have assignments already provided. Please contact your teacher if you have questions about these resources.

    You may complete assignments  in any order because your teachers will not be teaching live! If there is a learning activity where the teacher wants you to log in at a specific time, they will let you know in advance and/or record it so you can participate at a time that works best for you. 

    How much time should each subject take?

    There is not a required amount of time for each subject.  Your teacher/s will have more information about how long each activity is estimated to take for you to complete.

    What are my expectations as a student during Distance Learning?

    • Be active participants in the distance learning process.
    • Be responsive to daily interactions, complete assigned content
    • Ask for support and guidance from teachers and family support as needed.

    How do I login to Google Classroom or other Apps?  

    Here are a few links that might help:

    Distance Learning App login info 

    Distance Login Document

    Are there rules I should follow when I’m online?

    Yes.  It is important to be respectful and appropriate in this virtual school environment.

    There may be opportunities to connect using video Google Meet to ask questions about content or practice problems.  When participating in a video Google Meet, please follow these guidelines:

    • Mute yourself when not speaking.
    • Be on time.
    • Ensure your technology works correctly.
    • Wear school-appropriate clothing.
    • Frame the camera correctly.
    • All appropriate use of technology rules apply here!

    What if I can’t get my Chromebook to work?  What if I can’t get my personal device to work?

    Students in grades 4-5 have a district chromebook to use.  Use these links for help:

    Connecting to Wi-Fi 

    How to sanitize and clean

    Tech Support

    Internet Access

    What if I have a question?  

    How do I contact my teacher?

    Teachers will be online and available for questions via e-mail or their district phone extension.

    • Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 
    • Tuesday through Friday 9:00 am - 11:00 am.  

    You are very important to your teacher and he/she will get back to you as soon as possible, within 24 hours. 

    What about attendance?

    Students will be considered present during distance learning unless parents provide notification of a health concern.  Teachers will be checking in with students and families on a regular basis and will reach out to parents by email or phone if they have not been able to make scheduled contact with a student. 

    What if I’m sick?

    If you are too sick to complete the learning activities, your parent/guardian should call the attendance line to report your absence.



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