• Continuing Education and Relicensure Committee

    This site pertains mostly to teacher relicensure. Administrators wishing to keep their teaching license need to complete multiple required courses. See the FAQ page for more information.


    The purpose of the Anoka-Hennepin School District Continuing Education/Relicensure Committee is to approve clock hour requests and to recommend relicensure.


    Clock hours are the number of hours of actual participation in planned professional development. Clock hours are granted for experiences that help maintain and improve professional skills and abilities. Clock hours will be denied for activities that are primarily for personal development.

    Anoka-Hennepin teachers apply for clock hours by either: logging on to Learning Management System (LMS) and filling out the appropriate form; or by signing in at a district staff development in-service. Directions for using the Learning Management System, sending in verification, and applying for your license renewal are included in the downloadable guidelines document.

    To download committee guidelines, meeting dates of the committee, clock hour rules, examples, a list of the state-mandated requirements, or the clock hour group sign-in form (for district in-services), click on "Continuing Education Document Downloads" in the menu on the left.

    Note to Non-District Employees: Download and print the Clock Hour Application Form for non-district staff. Fill it out completely. It will not be sent back to you - if you want a copy for your records, please make one before mailing in your completed form and verification.

    2020-2021 meeting dates:

    All meetings are from 1:15-3:30 pm in Conference room 112 at the ESC.
    Meeting dates:
    Thursday, October 1
    Thursday, November 19
    Thursday, February 11
    Thursday, April 1
    Thursday, May 27

    *The May meeting will be an open meeting for those who want to come comment, or by arrangement for anyone who contacts Sonya Griffith (763-506-1099 or Sonya.Griffith@ahschools.us) in advance.

    Last updated: October 23, 2019.