• Anoka Hennepin Education Minnesota Workshops (AHEM)

    **You must be a member of AHEM to participate in their workshops**

    If you have any questions, please direct them to LauraRoss.AHEM.PD@gmail.com

    The 3rd Trimester classes for Professional Development are ready for member sign-up.  These classes are available free to AHEM members and fulfill some of the Continuing Education requirements for renewing your license.  All classes start at 4:30.  All classes are required 2 hours, except the Suicide Prevention class which is required 1 hour.


    All classes will OPEN for registration at 7am on Friday, March 8th.


    Here are the sign-up links for Trimester 3:


    English Learners:   March 28th and April 25th

    Suicide Prevention:   March 26th and April 23rd
    Mental Health:  March 21st and April 18th
    Positive Behavior Interventions:   April 9th
    Reading Preparations:  April 4th
    Accommodations, Modifications, and Adaptations:  March 27th, April 10th, and April 24th

    All classes will CLOSE for registration one week prior to class time, or when attendance reaches 100 members.