• Above & Beyond Awards

    Above & Beyond staff recognition logo Many Anoka-Hennepin staff members and teams go above and beyond normal job expectations to ensure that students receive a high quality education.

    The Above & Beyond Awards involve students, staff, parents and community members in recognizing and rewarding Anoka-Hennepin employees and groups — teachers, secretaries, cooks, paras, custodians and others — who consistently go that extra mile so students can be successful.   

    This program is a joint effort of the district and the Anoka-Hennepin Educational Foundation (AHEF). 

    The 2022 Above & Beyond Awards ceremony will take place April 13 at the Educational Service Center (ESC). 


    Anyone — students, parents, staff or community members can nominate a deserving candidate. All part- and full-time employees of the district are eligible. Nominations of a group or department will be considered. A panel of staff and community members will review nomination and application forms and select winners. Each winner will be recognized at the ceremony and on social media and in other electronic communications. Email info@ahschools.us for more information, or call 763-506-1114.

    The nomination form features seven sections:

    Section 1: General information about the nominee.
    Section 2: Nominator information.
    Section 3: Criteria instructions - The next four sections will ask you to choose four criteria and write a brief statement about each one, giving specific examples of how your nominee fits each of your chosen criteria. Each of the four statements should be 100 to 150 words.
    Sections 4-7: Criteria options and brief statement.

    Complete a nomination form.

  • Previous award winners

    From 1997 to 2011, the district acknowledged and publicized exemplary performance in the classroom through the Teacher Outstanding Performance (TOP) Award.

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