• (1/25/2021) An update has been released to the app store over the weekend.  Parents or guardians, please update your FirstView bus app. The updated version is v2.6.5.
  • Bus route bus stop and pickup times for students starting on March 23rd will be updated on March 11th.


    Important winter transportation safety tips:

    • Please dress in warm winter clothing such as a hat, mittens and boots - bright colors if possible.
    • Please be on time at the bus stop.
    • Please wait for the bus several feet further off the road in a safe place in winter weather.
    • Please use the handrail when boarding or exiting the bus to prevent slipping and injuring yourself on icy road surfaces or steps.
    • Please move away from the bus to a place where you and the driver can see each other after you exit the bus.
    • Please cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus after getting the "all clear" signal from the driver before leaving the curb.
    • Please keep all school materials in a backpack.

    Hazardous conditions to watch for:

    • Please do not stand or play on snow piles at the bus stop to avoid sliding into the street in the path of oncoming traffic.
    • Please do not attempt to retrieve your books or lunch box from around or underneath the bus until after it has cleared the unloading zone.
    • Please do not push or shove when getting on or off the bus.
    • Please do not chase after the bus or attempt to grab the rear bumper. 
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