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    A world class opportunity   

    Are you interested in a dynamic, challenging and supportive course of study? The IB Program is regarded as the international standard of excellence for career and college-bound students. Champlin Park has offered the Diploma Program for 12 years, and will be offering the new Career Program beginning 2019/20.  IB DP and CP graduates are some of the most sought-after college students around the world. Students do not have to be straight "A" students to qualify for IB. Students must be hard-working and dedicated to studying topics in-depth. For more information, click on the DP and CP links in the sidebar.   


    For further information about the IB and its programmes visit http://www.ibo.org.   


    The Champlin Park IB department has created several policies to ensure the fidelity of the IB program.

    The Academic, Language, Special Education/Inclusion, Assessment and Admission policies can be accessed here: