• IB Exam Registration Forms & Fees for the May 2020 Exam Session

     Due to the IB Office by Friday, October 11th


    Presentation registration


    Form Accommodations




    Registration for IB exams takes place from mid-September to early October. The IB Coordinators will be visiting IB classes regarding the details of exam registrations. Those who currently are not in their IB courses will be contacted individually. Even so, all are welcome to inquire about the method of registering for IB exams in the IB office which is located next to House 4. Here are the key details:


    Method of Registering

    Fill out yellow exam form. Copies can be acquired in the IB office or downloaded from the school website.

    Due Date 

    Friday, October 11th, 3:00 pm


    $45 for each exam. Free and reduced lunch, $5 for each exam.

    Method of Payment

    Families may pay online under "activities" in their account with a credit card OR by cash or check to the IB Office.  If paying by check please make checks payable to CPHS.

    Financial Support

    Students who qualify for Free and Reduced lunch pay a reduced testing fee. ANY student who may have difficulty paying for the fee should fill out the scholarship form or make an appointment to see one of the IB Coordinators. Bottom line, we are committed to helping you figure out how you may participate in this next IB exam session.

    Form and Fee Return

    Please return the form and fee (if not paid online) to the IB office or House 4 on or before the due date. Friday, October 11th.