• A Certificate Scholar...

    Registers for and tests in 3 or more IB courses. Those course can be chosen from any of the following areas: English, World Language, History, Science, Math, and/or IB Electives (Music, Business Management, or Psychology).

    Is welcome to test in either "higher level" or "standard level" courses. It is recommended, however, that when appropriate, students test at the "higher level" as these courses receive a more universal credit awarding by a wide range of colleges and universities.

    Required to take the "Theory of Knowledge I " courses which allow for a "diploma-like" experience. "Theory of Knowledge I" helps greatly to integrate a student's learning experience and gives them a foundation for the ways of knowing. "Theory of Knowledge II" allows for application of those ways through writing and discussion. The subject of ethics also comes into play in TOK II as a means to apply the ways of knowing.