• Mrs. Welle

    After studying chemistry and earning a degree from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, I joined the science department at Champlin Park High School in 2008. I teach chemistry and physical science and I love creating relationships with students and sharing my enthusiasm for learning! I believe science is at the root of everything we experience and my hope is that students leave my classroom with a little more understanding and appreciation for how things work.

    I use Google Classroom for each course I teach to share class notes, assignment answer keys, helpful video tutorials, and other information with students. Join the Chemistry B Google Classroom page for tri 3 with code 8xf11h.


    Thank you for visiting and for taking an interest in education! Science on!
    Sara Welle
    Science Department
    Champlin Park High School
    6025 - 109th Ave N, Champlin, MN
  • Teaching Schedule 2018 - 2019:
    Hour Trimester 1  Trimester 2 Trimester 3
    2 Chemistry A Chemistry A  Chemistry B
    3 Chemistry A Chemistry B  Chemistry B
    4 Chemistry A Chemistry B Chemistry B
    5 Chemistry A Chemistry B  Chemistry B