• ATTN: Anoka Hennepin Schools is seeking Bus Paraprofessionals and Traffic Control for the 2021-22 school year.
    Apply online at www.ahschools.us. Questions, please call 763-506-1125.


    To find your student's bus information log in to A-HConnect and follow these step-by-step directions (2021-22 information coming soon). Contact the transportation department at 763-506-1125 with questions.

  • Real-time bus information through FirstView app

    FirstView bus app

    Anoka-Hennepin families can check where their bus is — live — through a transportation app, called FirstView. The app monitors regular school bus routes in real-time. Best of all, it’s free for parents/guardians and students to use.

    While Anoka-Hennepin buses have a tremendous on-time performance record, there are inclement weather and traffic delays that do occur. This app provides families the necessary information to know when their bus will arrive. Families can also see the anticipated length of any delay, an estimated arrival time and if a substitute is driving the route. Email, push and/or text notifications can inform families of such information instantly.

    FirstView can be downloaded from app stores (iTunes app store; Android Google Play store). On-screen directions walk first time users through the easy setup process:

    • Choose Minnesota and then Anoka-Hennepin from the dropdown menus.
    • Log in with your parent/guardian username and password once directed to A-HConnect (if you’ve forgotten your parent/guardian username or password, please call 763-506-HELP).

    The app will then automatically populate your student’s information. It’s that easy! 

FAQ surrounding FirstView app

  • Who is able to access the FirstView bus app?

  • What is not considered a regular bus route?

  • What if the app indicates an estimated time of arrival (ETA), and my student misses the bus?

  • How do I access the FirstView app?

  • I have a technical question about how to use the FirstView app - who do I contact?

  • I have a question related to my student(s) regular bus route - who do I contact?

FAQ surrounding school bus operations

  • Why do some children have to cross the street to board the school bus?

  • We live on a cul-de-sec. Will the bus come down our street?

  • Our neighborhood has no sidewalks and has hills and curves. Can we have an additional bus stop so our children do not have to walk to the existing stop?

  • I cannot see the bus stop from my house.

  • My child carries a large musical instrument and / or a heavy backpack; or he / she is the only student using the bus stop, the stop needs to be closer to our home.

  • The bus drives right past my house. Why can't it stop at my house?

  • I own a daycare and need the stop at my house because the State requires me to see the students at all times. Why can't the bus stop be located at my house?

  • I have young children at home and / or I leave home because of work.


  • Route change request form

  • Daycare request form

  • Shared custody form

  • Out of district attendance area request form

  • Additional forms and information