Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts - Specialty School Information

  • What makes Lincoln different from other district elementary schools?

    Lincoln’s arts programming has five components that work together to enrich student learning every student, every day. Those components are:

             *Classroom arts integration

             *Field trip opportunities

             *Artist-in-resident opportunities

             *Arts Block & Arts Integration Rotation

             *Kindergarten Music and Art with specialists


    Classroom integration

    Lincoln teachers use district established curriculum to teach Reading, Math, Science, Writing, Social Studies and Health, but within that common curriculum, Lincoln teachers weave in artful strategies and projects to engage, deepen and strengthen student learning.


    Field trip opportunities

    Lincoln students are able to attend artful field trips, free of charge, to venues like the Children’s Theatre Company, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, Lyric Arts and Minnesota Orchestra Hall.


    Artist-in-resident opportunities

    Local artists come into the classrooms of Lincoln to share their talents, engage students in the process of art making and connect their craft with curriculum.


    Arts Block and Arts Integration Rotation

    Arts Block in grades 4 and 5 and Arts Integration Rotations in grades 1-3 are unique to Lincoln. Like art electives, Arts Block, gives class choices to students based on their arts interests and staff talents. Arts Integration Rotations are three week long sessions where grade level classrooms participate in an arts infused activity connected to grade level curriculum.


    Kindergarten music and art with specialists

    Unique to Lincoln, Kindergarten students participate in Music and Art class once every week with the Music and Art teacher.


    How does Lincoln’s test scores compare to other district elementary schools?

    Lincoln earned two notable academic recognitions during the school year of 2013-14. First, Lincoln was named as a Reward School by the state of Minnesota based on our overall MCA performance for 2012-13. Second, Lincoln was named a School of Distinction by the Magnet Schools of America for our exceptional arts programming, teacher collaboration and student achievement on state tests. 

2020 Merit of Excellence Award Winners