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    Trimester 3 Update: In an effort to ensure all families who have applied for tutoring thus far this year, we will not be accepting new tutoring applications in trimester three. Any families who turned in an application for T1 and/or T2 who have not yet been selected will be contacted the week of March 20 and offered a tutoring scholarship for Tri 3. 
    New: We are now offering "partial" scholarships (and continuing full scholarships) in an effort to reach more families. Families who opt for partial scholarships will pay half the tutoring cost at a discounted rate. The cost is $550 up front per trimester. 
    Anoka Hennepin Indian Education offers limited tutoring scholarships
    each trimester to participating students in our program

    Purpose: To focus on filling skill gaps in the areas of math and reading. Filling skill gaps rather than providing homework help will provide students with the foundation they need and help support their long-term academic success as they move through elementary, middle school, and high school. 

    We offer up to 12 tutoring scholarships to students (grades 1-12) each trimester. One (1) student will receive services through Yellow Parachute Learning Partners (YPLP) and eleven (11) students will receive services through Sylvan Learning Center. 

    To bring students to grade level reading, priority is given (up to 7 spots) to 1-5th grade students who are below grade-level. Additionally, these students will have the opportunity to continue tutoring each trimester.

    Scholarships will be awarded via a random drawing of the registrations turned in during the enrollment period. Once the scholarship limit has been reached, we will keep a running list of students on a waiting list. These students on the waiting list will be first in line for the upcoming trimester to ensure they receive tutoring. They may also be the first to receive a tutor if a student currently receiving tutoring is dropped from tutoring.
    Scholarship recipients will be notified by the selected tutoring service. Non-recipients will be contacted by their Indian Education Advisor and placed on the waiting list.

Sylvan Learning

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Yellow Parachute Learning Partners

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  • How to apply:

    Applications will be added the week before the upcoming enrollment period: 


    Enrollment period

    Tutoring period


    October 3-7

    October 17 - December 9


    December 5-9

    December 19 - March 24


    March 20-24 (full)

    April 3 - June 16 (full)

    Fill out the appropriate registration form(s) (you may only apply for one program) 
    • We are not currently accepting tutoring applications.

    Return them by mail, in person to the Indian Education Office, or email to your student's Indian Ed Advisor during the enrollment period (see table).

    Anoka-Hennepin School District
    Indian Education - Tutoring
    2727 N. Ferry Street
    Anoka, MN 55303 

    Registrations will not be accepted outside of the enrollment window (see table).