• School counselors

    A school counselor can help you:

    • With personal problems.
    • Understand personal relationships.
    • Develop positive self-esteem.
    • Learn to recognize and accept individual uniqueness and differences.
    • Cope with family disturbances.
    • In crisis situations.
    • Learn to manage stress.
    • Select appropriate courses.
    • Make the transition from one level of school to the next.
    • With academic concerns.


    A school counselor can teach you:

    • Conflict resolution skills.
    • Decision-making skills.
    • Study skills. 


    A school counselor can also:

    • Provide support groups that allow students to discuss issues of concern.
    • Register and orient new students to school.
    • Assist teachers with student concerns.
    • Assist parents with concerns regarding their children.
    • Make referrals to outside agencies.