• RMS offers many clubs, groups and after-school sports.   All sports can be found on the community education website.  

    Find specific meeting dates/times on our activities calendar for all clubs, groups, and sports.  

    Club/Group Contact Name Email Start Date End Date Brief Description
    Babysitting Training Mike Race michael.race@ahschools.us 10/19 10/21 Learn about the basic care of young children including safety and responsibility, age-appropriate activities and first aid. Boys and girls at least 11 years of age are welcome to participate.
    Battle of the Books Jodi Blair Jodi.Blair@ahschools.us Fall Spring  
    Destination Imagination Jenny Johnson JenniferA.Johnson@ahschools.us October March-May MN DI
    Drama Club Shanan Edelheit shanan.edelheit@ahschools.us Fall (when no fall play)   An opportunity for students to come play drama games, learn about the audition process, and prepare for the upcoming musical.
    Fall Play Shanan Edelheit shanan.edelheit@ahschools.us October (every other year)   A play performed by students. NOT A MUSICAL. Only the necessary number of students will be cast.
    FCS Club Kelly Johnson Kelly.johnson@ahschools.us Jan/Feb March An opportunity for students to enhance their skills and creativity after school in cooking and sewing. Projects will vary. Community service projects will be part of FCS Club as well.
    Geography Bee       Spring All students participate during their Social Studies Classes.
    GSA Sarah Knox sarah.knox@ahschools.us October May It is a student-run group which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other and talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. It is open to all students.
    Gun Safety Mike Race Michael.Race@ahschools.us Dates N/A yet   This class will increase your knowledge of outdoor ethics, wildlife, survival skills, and firearms safety. This class also satisfies the requirements of other states.
    Knowledge Bowl Jennifer Carroll jennifer.carroll@ahschools.us 11/07/2018 02/13/2019 An exciting team sport. A fast-paced academic competition (similar to the TV show Jepopardy) testing knowledge in all subject areas, except that you compete as a team against other middle school teams from around the metro.
    Lego Robotics Mike Race michael.race@ahschools.us     Learn and demonstrate your skills and knowledge about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) principles as you design, construct and program a robot that navigates itself.
    Math League Alyson Griffin alyson.griffin@ahschools.us October January Compete individually and as a team to solve challenging math problems. Practice after school will prepare you to take on other schools in the district.
    Newspaper Club Matt VanZee Matt.VanZee@ahschools.us Fall Spring Help make the school newspaper
    Optimist Oratorical Contest Alyson Griffin alyson.griffin@ahschools.us     Speech contest hosted by the Optimist Club of Minnesota. Students can win scholarship money.
    Play to Your Strengths Club Nicki Magaard nicole.magaard@ahschools.us 8 week meetings running at varying times throughout the year   A leadership group focused on identifying and growing your strengths through the Gallup StrengthsFinder. This group is run by RMS volunteers.
    Royal Strings Sarah Guhl sarah.guhl@ahschools.us 10/25/18 May Extra-curricular orchestra group
    Ski Club Mike Race michael.race@ahschools.us 12/14/2018 02/08/2019 Ski club offers many opportunities to enjoy the snow, make new friends and participate in a lifetime sport. No previous experience necessary.
    Spelling Bee       Spring All students participate during their ELA classroom.
    Spring Musical Shanan Edelheit shanan.edelheit@ahschools.us Dec/Jan May Musical performed by students. Includes singing and dancing. ALL students who audition can be involved.
    Student Council juleen adrian juleen.adrian@ahschools.us begininng of school end of school 6th, 7th and 8th graders are elected by their classmates in the fall (6th graders) and spring (for the following year 6 and 7th graders). They organize activity nights, school spirit week, food drive and more.
    WE Act Nicki Magaard nicole.magaard@ahschools.us October May This group of students helps to create and implement kindness activities for the RMS community, and completes local and global acts of service. Students will also be able to attend the WE Act event when it is local.
    WEB Shanan Edelheit, Anne Pottinger, Carrie Paske, Megan Follick   All year All year Orientation and mentoring of 6th graders done by 8th graders. 7th grade students can apply during the spring for the following year.
    Yearbook Molly Moskalik   Fall Spring Help create the RMS yearbook.