• Jackson Middle School's counseling program is committed to helping students reach their full academic, career, social, emotional and physical potential. Our counselors support and provide services that enable each student to meet their needs successfully through a caring environment that values uniqueness, diversity and personal development.

    To contact your school counselor:

    Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.  If you would like to schedule a specific time to meet in person,  please schedule through the link below each counselor's name.

    If you have an immediate mental health concern, please contact:
    Hennepin County Mobile Crisis - 24/7 612-348-2233
    Free and Confidential 24/7 Text Line - Text HOME to 741741


    Programs for students

    Group counseling
    Anger management, friendship/relationship, social skills, grief/loss, concerned persons, adolescent issues, and other groups as requested. 

    Individual counseling
    A student and his or her counselor will work together to understand and act in relation to his/her individual uniqueness in academic pursuits, career goals, and personal/social development.

    New students
    Counselors and student leaders will orient all new students to life at JMS at the time of their enrollment and on their first day attending JMS.

    Targeted services
    Students who have difficulty with class work have the opportunity to attend Academic Assistance Sessions after school with a teacher.

    Parent and family programs

    Sixth grade orientation
    In the winter, 5th grade students attend an informational session at JMS regarding registration for 6th grade. In the spring a JMS counselor will visit each elementary school to inform future 6th graders about JMS and answer any questions students may have.
    Counselor-parent conferences 
    During teacher conferences, parents and students may schedule time with their counselor to discuss any concerns. Counselors are also available to meet with parents regarding student needs at any time during the school year.